Understanding the Pension with Aid & Attendance Benefit

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs1 has a special benefit for Veterans and surviving spouses who require regular assistance with activities of daily living.

The pension can help pay for home care services to assist with activities such as:

  • Bathing &
  • Dressing &
  • Shopping
  • Meal
  • Transportation
  • Light
  • Medication

Eligibility criteria

For honorably discharged Veterans and their surviving spouses.

  • 90 days or more of active duty, with at least one day of service during a wartime period.
  • Must have a non-service related medical condition which requires assistance with activities of daily living.
  • Must meet asset requirement. (excludes home or car)
  • Must meet income to medical expense ratio.

Wartime Periods

  • WWII - 12/07/1941 - 12/31/1946
  • Korean Conflict - 06/27/1950 - 1/31/1955
  • Vietnam Era - 11/01/1955 - 08/05/1964
    (in Republic of Vietnam)
  • Vietnam War - 08/05/1964 - 05/07/1975
  • Persian Gulf - 08/02/1990 - tbd
    (Must have active duty minimum 2 years)

Veterans Care Coordination™ assists Veterans and surviving spouses in obtaining the Pension with Aid and Attendance benefit. We simplify the complex process, and can often help to get care started immediately.


1 Veterans Care Coordination™, LLC is not associated with the Department of Veterans Affairs or any government agency. Veterans Care Coordination™, LLC cannot offer legal advice or guarantee eligibility for monetary compensation or the Pension with Aid and Attendance Benefit.