Spotlight Veteran

Harold Neil Muehlhauser

VCC recognizes Veterans for their dedication and honor. This month, we are featuring Harold Neil Muehlhauser as the Veteran of the Month. Neil was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1926 and at the age of 18, went into the Navy to serve during World War II. He discharged in 1946. Later, he met his lovely bride Virginia and in 1950, they married. Over the years they would have three girls and two boys who would keep them very busy.

Now you will find Neil and Virginia in Painesville, Ohio where they spent their days receiving care from their caregiver Zoe. She has cared for the seniors, but this couple is special to her. She has been a caregiver for the Muehlhausers for almost a year. She enjoys spending time with the couple so much that the long distance commute is well worth it. Veterans Care Coordination thanks Neil for his service and is regarded as a true American hero.