What our clients say about our caregivers and services.

“During a few recent challenges, Dawn's efforts exceeded what one would normally expect making specific matters far less difficult for both myself, and more importantly, my mother. She consistently exudes patience, empathy, compassion, respect, courtesy and seems genuine in each of these wonderful qualities. We are both so appreciative of the beautiful person she has been and continues to be."


“I have truly enjoyed partnering with Veteran’s Care Coordination for several years!  We share in the same mission – to care for our aging veterans that served our wonderful country.  I like partnering with experts.  We are experts in home care for seniors and VCC are experts in the Aide and Attendant Benefit.  We make a great team.”

– Brad Cannon

"Jeremy Novak is very knowledgeable and helpful to us. He responds quickly and with such a pleasant attitude. I really appreciate Jeremy’s help. Thank you, Jeremy."
– Joan M. Torrance, California

"Ginger has gone above and beyond to help my uncle. I am very appreciative."
– Richard M. Indianapolis, Indiana

"I am so impressed with Jennifer taking us by the hand and explaining everything so completely. She was a pleasure and a joy to work with."
– Donald W. Louisville, Kentucky

"I am very pleased with Veterans Care Coordination. You have all have been very helpful, patient and nice with my family in getting the paperwork submitted and starting the homecare, as well as keeping us informed. You really seem to care."
– Kristina D. St. Louis, Missouri

"We were so happy and pleased to speak with Angie, she was just Fabulous!"
– John M. Detroit, Michigan

"My Father, my sister, and I deeply appreciate the compassionate caring, diligence and
thoughtfulness in which the Veterans Care Coordination members have assisted us in
the process of establishing care for my father by applying for the Pension Aid and
Attendance for him. Initially, Alanie guided me through the application process and
remained steadfast in assisting me with the gathering of documentation through the
completion of signed forms to satisfy the requirements of our request.
Jodi Stone has been and continues to be a constant in keeping me informed of how the
process was progressing through to the information provided at approval, and continues
to regularly inquire as to how my father is doing. Her calming, reassuring voice and
demeanor kept me over the many months awaiting the approval and she continues to
always be available for phone calls and prompt response to our emails. Jodi’s genuine
caring and concern, not only for my father’s needs and care but for our family, is so
encouraging and uplifting as we face the many challenges of providing the best care
possible for my father. We will forever be grateful."

– Darlene W., South Carolina

"As someone who works with "the public," I know far too well the work that is put in behind the scenes to get things done and keep people happy. Alicia is so patient (and I know sometimes, with all my questions and requests, I can be a bit much, borderline annoying️), and her genuineness shows in the work she puts in. It's HARD to see a decline in my grandmother, but not having to worry about things like Depends or Ensure or a bedside commode helps us focus on other things. Alicia's attention to the small details is what I most applaud.
So it was my honor to email you. Thank you doesn't seem like enough, but I truly appreciate her work. Please feel free to share the message. She is a true example of "someone special."
God bless all of you for the work that you do. Veteran families need and appreciate all of you! I know we do!"
– Lakeisha W., Louisianna

"I have had the pleasure to work with Alicia P. for a bit over 4 months now, after previously working with [another employee.] I was disappointed with the (lack of) transition and in losing the original employee’s foundational knowledge of our case. Little did I know at the time, but Alicia’s knowledge, skills, timeliness, and willingness and ability to help would far surpass Jessica. It has been an absolute pleasure working with Alicia. It is directly the professionalism and results provided by Alicia that will make me readily recommend VCC to any/all colleagues and acquaintances. Well done, Alicia, and thank you!"
– Don F., North Carolina

"Thank you for all the help VCC has given to my grandfather in getting all of his bed linens, Depends, food, and more! I appreciate that you always stay in touch and check on him, and I am so thankful! He lost everything he had due to Hurricane Ida, including severe damage to his home, all of his incontinence products, bed linens, food, he lost everything! THANK YOU, VCC!!"
– Nicole M., Louisiana

"We are always looking for ways to help our Clients find benefits to help them stay in their homes and be able to live independently. Veteran's Care Coordination is a wonderful resource in providing that service for our Veterans."
– Sonya W., Central Florida

"We strive to help all that need homecare, especially our veterans. Unfortunately, many people who could benefit from home care services do not have the financial resources to obtain them. Thankfully, that’s where Veterans’ Care Coordination (VCC) comes into play. We have had many potential clients, who are also veterans, call VCC to determine if they qualify for the Aid and Attendance benefit. The experienced people at VCC can determine if they qualify after asking just a few short questions. This is invaluable to our clients, who are seeking to supplement the care that we are already providing or who cannot afford care, but can receive it after qualifying. Once the application process is completed, Touching Hearts at Home is contacted, and we provide caring and compassionate caregivers to assist the approved client with activities of daily living (ADLs) in the comfort and privacy of their own home."
– Janice V., New Jersey

"Veterans Care Coordination has helped several of our clients in Amarillo, TX, and the surrounding area. VCC has been very responsive to any of our questions or referrals. VCC has always made sure that the care our clients receive "GREAT CARE." VCC is truly the BEST! "
– Ashlee W., Texas

"We are so thankful for our partnership with the VCC that enables us to give back to those that gave so much for us. It is a complete honor and privilege to know and care for our American Heroes. The things we have had the opportunity to learn from these Veterans is something that no school or history book could ever teach us."
– Angela F., Illinois

"Veterans Care Coordination has been working with me on behalf of my parents since January of 2021, and I am grateful beyond words. Alicia has been with me on this journey every step of the way, bringing colleagues on board who have specific expertise where needed. VCC keeps in touch with me regularly so that, as far as my dad's VA benefits and continuing eligibility is concerned, I am never in the dark. When my mother passed away in April 2022, Alicia took great care in preparing the extensive amount of paperwork that would allow my dad's VA Aid and Attendance benefit (which they obtained for him) to be transferred from in-home care to his assisted living facility. This made a very emotional and difficult situation less overwhelming because I knew that Alicia and VCC had my back as we worked together on behalf of my dad. If not for VCC, my parents would not have had the help they needed to remain in their own home, and my dad would not be in a living situation where he is happy and cared for so well. "
– Tammy S., California

"Veterans Care coordination has been assisting my family since the later years of 2000s when they assisted my dad, a WW 2 veteran who passed away in February of 2011. I was contacted by staff upon them receiving notice of dad's passing and immediately assisted in setting up coverage for home health care for mom. My mom got covid 19 in December 2020 and amazingly recovered even with her age of 94. She and my family are so very thankful for the dedicated staff of Veterans Care Coordination for their compassion and concern for mom's home care and her need of specialized equipment for her safety and comfort. The staff have been an extended family to us all, and we thank GOD for being a special part of my mom's life in her later years. You all have a special place in our hearts.GOD Bless you all!"
– Richard P., Pennsylvania

"Dear Nicole M, I am writing to thank you from my heart for the great job you did ordering really wonderful medical supplies and equipment over the past few months. I am so grateful to you for all you did. Everything you ordered arrived in good condition and matched up with the shipping slips. Nothing missing, broken or spilled. I am getting good use from it all and feel blessed to have it. I spoke with Breanna yesterday on the phone and thanked her for getting you on this because you certainly know what you're doing. Again, I thank you for your help and the time and effort you put into it.
With sincere appreciation, "
– Phyllis M., Kentucky

"I want to express our appreciation for all that Veteran’s Care has done for our family. Along with Brightstar, you gave Emil the gift of independence, dignity, and companionship for the last two-plus years of his life. This enriched his life while extending our time with him. We could not have navigated this path without you. I also want to thank you personally, Alicia. You clearly have a caring heart. We wish you patience and strength in a job that I’m sure can be emotionally demanding. Best wishes to you in all that you do."
– Gerald G., Wisconsin

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