November 15 – 22 is Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week.  Originating at Villanova University in 1975, this annual program was created to educate and raise awareness on poverty while gathering a base of volunteers and supporters. Through community events, volunteers spend this week generating publicity about hunger and homelessness.

Too many Americans are faced with tough decisions and have to choose between basic necessities such as food, rent, or visiting a doctor. Like civilians, veterans can run the risk of becoming homeless with the Vietnam era veterans being at the highest risk. Veterans can face invisible wounds of war, which can attribute to homelessness.

While there has been progress over the past thirty years, there are still many Americans who need help. More than 700 churches, high schools, and colleges, along with community organizations, have stepped up to participate in the program every year. If you would like to host a local awareness week in your area, you can register at to organize a series of events to help raise awareness on this serious issue.

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