James Albers

Vietnam Veteran | U.S. Marine 1965 – 1968.

James Albers standing outside of the sergeant’s quarters in Chu Lai, 1967

Born and raised in St. Louis, MO, James Albers was one of 12 children. In September of 1965, at 20 years old, he enlisted in the United States Marine Corp. He, along with 51 other recruits, left for boot camp in San Diego, CA as one of the largest group of volunteers from St. Louis since World War II.

Albers was sent to Marine Corps Base Quantico in Virginia. When asked about his time training, he recalled “The D.I.’s were tough, but they had to be to prepare us for the chaos we were about to face.” He went on to say with pride, “but being a Marine gave me a sense of brotherhood, the feeling that someone always had my back, the feeling of belonging to a group of select few.” At the completion of his duties in Quantico, VA he was promoted to Sergeant E5. Albers was then deployed to Vietnam, based out of Chu Lai with N.A.V.S. 12, serving as a radio operator for 1st Rifle Company. He referenced his toughest moments in country were during the Tet Offensive in 1968. He continued to express “the war wasn’t fun, and it lives with you the rest of your life, but I’m really proud of my service and my record.” By the end of 1968 he was further promoted to Staff Sergeant.

After returning home to St. Louis, Albers married, raised 5 children, and built a successful commercial refrigeration company that he operated for over 40 years. He conveys that his time in the military taught him structure, how to take command, and to always respect others. “The Marines taught me to be a leader and not a follower.”

Currently retired, he loves spending time with his 12 grandchildren, watching SpongeBob, or visiting with his buddies at the VFW, where he is known by all as “Sarge.” He proudly declares “I’ll always, number one over everything, be a Marine.”

Albers at his brothers graveside on Memorial Day, Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery in St. Louis, MO.

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