Kyle Laramie, the Founder & CEO of Veterans Care Coordination, recently participated in a pickleball fundraiser that he not only helped organize but, along with his partner Christine Edwards, achieved third place in the competition.

The Mixed Doubles Money Event Pickleball Match, held last Saturday at Lake Forest Country Club, attracted the finest players in Missouri. The event’s primary objective was to raise funds for The Child Advocacy Center (CAC) of Northeast Missouri, an organization dedicated to safeguarding children, fostering family healing, and preventing abuse.

The pickleball tournament proved to be a resounding success in raising funds for the charitable cause. With enthusiastic participation from players and generous contributions from spectators, the pickleball event alone raised over $3,000. However, it was just a fraction of the overall success achieved by the entire fundraiser, which included the Lake Forest Charity Classic Golf tournament. This year’s combined efforts resulted in an astounding total of over $20,000 in donations.

The pickleball event was a significant component of the Lake Forest Charity Classic Golf Tournament, established five years ago. Laramie is part of the organizing committee that initiated this charitable endeavor to support local charities within the community. For five years, the tournament has contributed more than $100,000 to various charitable causes, substantially impacting the lives of those in need.

Christine Edwards & Kyle Laramie place 3rd & donate winnings back to the Child Advocacy Center.

While the pickleball segment of the tournament was introduced just last year, last Saturday marked the first time that the event showcased the exceptional talent from the St. Louis area. Including the top-tier players helped draw a significant number of spectators that generously donated to watch the event.

Pickleball, a game that combines the elements of tennis, badminton, and table tennis, is the fastest-growing sport in the country. It has a tremendous impact on seniors’ mental and physical health and has become a social event popular with all ages.

Laramie is committed to promoting senior independence and well-being, as well as his endeavors as a sponsored pickleball athlete. He has ambitions to compete in the Senior Pro division once he reaches 50 and is passionate about inspiring active aging. Laramie and his pickleball partner, Christine Edwards, achieved an impressive third-place finish in the tournament and generously donated their winnings to The Child Advocacy Center.

The success of this fundraiser would not have been possible without the generous support of our esteemed sponsors, including Pickleball Lovers LLC, freedom. a solutions company, Missouri Pickleball Club, Veterans Care Coordination, Pedro’s Planet / Supply Concepts, Cut and Trim, Filter Service of STL, and Burwitz Sostak and Werner CPA & Consultants. We also want to acknowledge the invaluable assistance of the PaddleUp Pickleball facility, which graciously allowed the tournament to relocate indoors when rain threatened to disrupt the proceedings. PaddleUp provided their facilities for the completion of the semi-finals and finals without any charges, enabling the successful continuation of the event.