Mae W., Surviving Spouse of Korean War Veteran


Gene W., Korean War Veteran

On November 10th, VCC employees had the fortunate opportunity to step away from their desks and visit the Veterans and surviving spouses whom we are honored to assist daily. A team of eleven VCC members took to the streets, connecting with ten clients in the St. Louis area, including a 96-year-old WWII Veteran and a Korean Veteran.

Chris C., a World War II Veteran, shared his remarkable journey of recovering his sight at around seven years old. He enjoys spending leisurely moments on his front porch, either enjoying jazz music or tinkering with car engines. In fact, he has aspirations of establishing a car lot someday.

Gene W., a Korean Veteran, exuded pride as he recounted his days in Korea, specifically highlighting his involvement in utilizing sonar technology to detect submarines.

Susie I., Surviving Spouse of Korean War Veteran

Mary Ann B., Surviving Spouse WWII Veteran

The day’s discussions with each Veteran or Surviving Spouse covered a wide range of topics, from childhood memories and home decor to beauty tips and recommendations on where to find the best bagels. Veterans and surviving spouses graciously shared photographs of their late husbands or wives, children, grandchildren, and, in some cases, even great-great-grandchildren. Linda Baygents, VCC National Account Manager, expressed, “We all just gabbed about everything and nothing, and I hope they enjoyed themselves as much as we did.”

The dedication and love shown by the families and spouses of our nation’s Veterans have had a profound impact on the strength and unity of our country. It’s important to acknowledge and support the surviving spouses of these heroes as a way to honor their service and the legacy they’ve left behind. These spouses hold the memories, stories, and often the untold experiences of their loved ones’ service, and their contributions are invaluable.

Sandra M., Surviving Spouse Korean War Veteran

Phillip P., Vietnam Veteran

As we celebrate this brief glimpse into the lives of these remarkable veterans and their surviving spouses, their wartime experiences and stories provide inspiration and serve as a reminder of their dedicated service and sacrifices. It is crucial to preserve the legacies of those who have contributed significantly to our history, whether overseas or domestically. And most importantly, we thank you for your service.