navy-pic-danielVeterans Care Coordination’s Intake Specialist, Daniel Sparks is a veteran!

Daniel was born on Oct. 18, 1963 in Cleveland, OH. His father, Carles, served in the Air Defense Artillery and was stationed on the Pacific Ocean on the island of Kwajalein. Prior to his father’s retirement in 1979, they spent three years attended D.O.D. school in Stuttgart West Germany.

Daniel joined the U.S. Navy in August of 1984 and attended Basic Training in Great Lakes Recruit training Center in Illinois. After his basic training, he attended “Operations Specialist A School” in Dam Neck, Virginia. After he competed his “A” school, he chose orders to the USS Edson DD-946 which was the last Three Gun Destroyer in the US Navy.

Daniel worked in the nerve center of the USS Edson ship in Combat Information Center. Daniel says, “The time that I spent aboard the USS Edson was very memorable especially serving on board a U.S. Naval Vessel that had such a distinctive legacy being named after General Merritt Edson of the United States Marine Corps.”

“The bonds of friendships that were formed while int he Navy are still there. It is great to be able to reconnect with my former crew mates, but while working here at Veterans care Coordination, it offers a unique situation to allow me to be able to connect with Veterans of all the different branches of service. Being able to assist Veterans & their spouses, & surviving spouses of veterans too, in being able to get them assistance with their home care is most rewarding.”

Veterans Care Coordination is proud to have someone who has served excited about helping other veterans. We are thankful for his service and his passion for helping other veterans.