Walter “Wally” Morse was born May 7, 1938, in Chicago, IL. He was raised in an orphanage until he was 15 years old when he was sent to live with a foster family. Growing up in an orphanage was difficult as a child, but Wally did enjoy playing baseball in his free time. Once he graduated from high school at 18, Wally started working for the airline TWA. At 21 years of age, he was able to branch out independently, leaving foster care behind.

In December of 1965, Wally was drafted by the United States Army at the age of 28. He was sent to Fort Polk, LA, for basic training. After completing basic training, Wally was sent to Fort Hood, formerly known as Camp Hood, in Killeen, TX. He was there for a year with an aviation company and trained as an aircraft mechanic. An aircraft mechanic’s responsibilities could include regular system inspections, maintaining equipment, running diagnostic tests to detect malfunctions, repairing broken parts, and basic troubleshooting.

Once his aircraft training was complete, Wally was sent to Camp Evans in Vietnam. Camp Evans was established by the Marines in 1966 but was later utilized by the  1st Cavalry Division when the Marines traveled North. In Vietnam, he saw ground combat for a year and a half all over the Central Highlands. The camp was in an ideal location for units on the ground patrolling the foothills. As Wally thought back, he said there were moments he will never forget.

Wally Morse next to his 1966 Mustang

After being honorably discharged from the U.S. Army in 1968 as a Sergeant E5, Wally came home and went back to work for the airlines until he retired in 2012. Working for the airlines allowed him to live in many places across the country. Wally stated, “At the time, California was my favorite. The weather was beautiful, and there were so many things to do.” He credits his time in the military for teaching him some essential life skills such as discipline, knowing how to deal with people, responsibility, and comradeship.

In April of 2016, at 77 years of age, Wally married his girlfriend, Eunice. He exclaimed, “She is an angel that takes care of me, and I am very lucky to have her.”

In the seventies, Wally bought his beloved 1966 Mustang that he had up until last year. He had to sell it since he is no longer able to drive, but he still enjoys getting out to car shows with his buddies and wife, Eunice. He also loves hanging with his buddies at the VFW or his favorite restaurant JJ’s.

Veterans Care Coordination is proud to recognize Walter “Wally” Morse for his service to our country. We are privileged to have the opportunity to share the stories of our nation’s heroes.