Care for an Aging Veteran

bigstock-Close-up-on-business-people-sh-95796542When you started considering stepping into the role of family caregiver for you aging parent you likely knew that this arrangement was going to bring with it a certain level of stress. Caring for an elderly adult has many challenges and requires you to fit several more tasks and obligations into a schedule that is already filled to brimming, especially if you are one of the millions of American adults who are a part of the so-called “sandwich generation”, that is, the adults who are currently at the point in their lives in which they are caring for their aging parents as well as their own children.

Could you, however, be dealing with what some consider the most stressful experience of this care journey, and one of the most stressful experiences that any person can encounter in their lives?

This stressful situation is having to choose elder care for a senior parent. Ranked even higher than going through a divorce in terms of the amount of stress involved, selecting an elderly health care services provider for your aging parent puts you in a situation of having to not only come to terms with your own needs and limitations regarding the care that you can give to your parent, but also to extend your trust to someone you do not know and simply believe that that person is going to give your parent the level of care, assistance, and support that he needs as he ages in place. While this can be extremely stressful, it does not have to something that you dread.

Use these tips to help you deal with this stressful task and handle it successfully so that you can be sure you are making the decision that is right for your loved one:

  • Remind yourself of your motive. Part of the stress of selecting care for a loved one is the thought that you are not doing what is right for your parent or that it means that you do not love him. This is not the case. Remind yourself that by seeking out the right elderly health care services provider you are giving your parent the best chances of a high quality of life throughout his aging years
  • Get him involved. This is not a task that you have to take on completely alone. If he has the capacity, get your parent involved in the selection process. Ask him what types of characteristics he wants in a care provider, introduce him to potential candidates, and get his opinion on each so that you feel more confident you have selected the right one
  • Let go of demands. Part of hiring elder care for your parent is having to let go. This care provider is a different person and he will provide care in a different way than you would. This does not mean that it is inherently wrong or that your parent is not getting the best care.

Be willing to relax and trust that the care provider knows what he is doing so that you do not feel more stress than you need to and can feel confident in your parent’s quality of life.

If you or a loved one are considering hiring help to care for an aging veteran, please contact the friendly staff at Veterans Care Coordination. Call today: 1-855-777-4693



About Kyle Laramie, Founder & CEO

Kyle founded Veterans Care Coordination in April 2011. As its founder and CEO of VCC, Kyle is driven by the memory of his grandfather, a World War II Veteran who unnecessarily missed out on essential VA benefits because Kyle’s family wasn’t aware of available opportunities. In recognition of his impact in leadership, Kyle was named to the St. Louis Business Journal’s prestigious “40 Under 40” list and St. Louis Small Business Monthly’s “100 St. Louisans to Know” in 2014. VCC was named a St. Louis Small Business Monthly “Top 20” small business and a finalist for the St. Louis Post Dispatch Top Workplace (2015-2022), St. Louis Business Journal Best Place to Work (2019 & 2022), and the Arcus Awards (2014). The team has served more than 14,000 Veteran clients and their families. Kyle frequently speaks on Veterans’ benefits, addressing conferences such as the Home Care Association of America and Decision Health. He is passionate about giving back and has built a charitable-minded organization that supports various philanthropic efforts.