US Army Veteran Steven CaldwellSteven Caldwell

Veteran | U.S. Army 1972 – 1973

US Army Veteran Steven Caldwell Steven Caldwell grew up in Huntington, where West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky meet, known locally as the “Tri-State area.” Caldwell had three siblings, two sisters, and a brother, losing both a sister and a brother at very young ages to illness. Growing up in Kentucky, he studied martial arts, which he continued to practice for 20 years.

While the draft was still going, Caldwell decided to enlist in the U.S. Army at the young age of 17. After completing his basic training in Fort Knox, Kentucky, he was then sent to Fort Jackson, SC, for Advanced Individual Training, also known as AIT. Caldwell longed to be an electrician, but due to color blindness, he went through 6 weeks of Army Wheeled Vehicle Mechanics training instead. Tasked with keeping the Army’s vehicles in proper running order, Caldwell stated, “I worked on anything with a motor.”

The young private was set to be shipped out to Turkey but that was cancelled at the last minute, and his division was kept home. Caldwell recalled, “I loved meeting so many good buddies of different nationalities. We always got along, we always helped each other, and we always had a good time together.”

After being honorably discharged, Caldwell lived in West Virginia, Kentucky, South Carolina, and California, to name a few. He worked for a trucking company hauling oil and was married three times but exclaimed, “I married one woman twice!” He went on to say that she gave him a second chance after she found out he was attending church regularly.

Currently retired and living in West Virginia, Caldwell has three children and five grandchildren. He enjoys watching gospel preaching as well as reading the bible. Another favorite pastime is watching John Wayne movies when he is not visiting with his neighbors.

Veterans Care Coordination is proud to recognize Steven Caldwell for his service to our country. We are privileged to have the opportunity to share the stories of our nation’s heroes.

Special Thank You to Karen Williamson, at Right at Home in Huntington, WV, for introducing us to our Veteran of the Month. Karen was excited to nominate Steven, stating, “Right at home considers it an honor and a privilege to serve our Veterans. Veterans Care Coordination is an excellent resource in helping us do just that. Our goal at Right at Home is to assist the Veteran to stay in their home, living independently, for as long as possible.”

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