Savii Care Talks About the 3 Major Challenges in Home Care Today

Home health care is a life-saver for those that utilize its services. Families that rely on home care are thankful for care providers that invest in patients and their overall wellbeing. However, not everything is perfect. Home care consistently faces challenges that can be overbearing. These problems impede the effectiveness of care and overall operations of an agency. Thankfully, these problems are not without solutions. Let’s explore further.

The need for qualified candidates

An increase in home care demand requires the need to find qualified staff. The need for great candidates lags behind growth patterns seen in relation to experienced caregivers. Without qualified staff, your organization cannot employ more patients. Turning down patients may negatively impact your relationship with referral partners. As more caregivers enter the industry, your agency needs a software solution that can handle the influx of new hires. Savii Care provides an all-in-one software that can attract, screen, hire and onboard candidates. Plus, it can also manage aide logs so caregivers know their schedules ahead of time. This limits frustration and overwork from caregivers. Ultimately, agencies will be able to reduce staff turnover and attract qualified workers.

Insufficient documentation

Poor documentation is the enemy of all agencies. It simply leads to major revenue loss.  Insufficient documentation continues to be a challenge for many agencies. Thankfully, technology, such as Savii, can address issues with billing. Agency management software has the ability to streamline entire processes and streamlines workflows to automate billing and payroll.

Time management

Time management is a problem everyone faces, and this is especially true in home care. Caregivers need tools to support caring for their patients.  At Savii, we’ve created a platform that gives caregivers access to their patient portal from anywhere. They can identify the current condition of a patient, update records, view electronic journals, and message care team members.

Challenges in home care need not destroy your agency.  They can be overcome.  How you decide to defeat these problems will likely demonstrate the strength of your agency.

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Written by Savii Care

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