Spotlight Veteran

Daniel Marris

Veterans Care Coordination proudly announces that our Veteran of the Month is Daniel Marris.

Daniel was born on October 7th, 1934 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is a first generation American, as his parents traveled here from Greece during World War I.

Daniel has very fond memories of his travels while in the Navy. The ship he served on was part of the lead in the liberation of France. Daniel’s role on the ship was a signalman, but his real passion was playing trumpet and harmonica for the USO at their ports of call. This is also how he met his wife of 50 years. He continued playing for people up until about a month ago when he could no longer make it out of the house. But that didn’t stop him from performing. Daniel still listens to big band records and performs for his daughter in his home.

After the Navy, Daniel used his GI bill and got his accounting certificate. He and his wife built their house in Wisconsin where they raised their two children. Daniel now has 8 grandchildren and 1 great grandchild.

We are pleased to award Daniel with our Veteran of the Month award. We are grateful for his service and the joy he brings to everyone through his music and joyful spirit.

Since this article’s posting, we regret to announce that Mr. Marris has passed away. We are grateful for the opportunity to have honored his service by featuring him as our Veteran of the Month. Our deepest sympathies are with his friends and family.