Congratulations to Michelle Smith, Norbert Laramie Award of Excellence Winner 2022!

Michelle Smith has dedicated over a decade to Veterans Care Coordination (VCC), starting as an Accounting Specialist eleven years ago. Throughout her years of service, Michelle has always been a shining example of VCC’s core values for accountability, continuous improvement, and serving one another. Finally, in 2023 working as a Client Service Specialist, her hard work and dedication were recognized as she was awarded the prestigious Norbert Laramie Award for Employee of the Year.

The Norbert Laramie Award is significant for VCC. It was named after the grandfather of the company’s founder and CEO, Kyle Laramie, who bravely served in World War II. The award embodies the core values that Norbert Laramie stood for and is a way for the company to honor his legacy. This award showcases a team member’s contributions in the areas of innovation, leadership, production, and community service.

Company photo at the award ceremony front row from left Kyle Laramie Founder/CEO, nominee Megan Heil, winner Michelle Smith, nominee Angie Boglino, Jeff Schweikert President

Although Michelle had been nominated in the past, this was the first time she had won. Tears started to flow, and her heart swelled with pride and gratitude as she accepted the accolade at the company’s annual awards ceremony. When asked what winning meant to her, she responded, “Everything; this award means everything to me.” Michelle continued, “I’ve worked for this award since the day it was announced. It’s always been in the back of my mind and what I am striving to be. Even without the award, that is my goal anyway with VCC. The goal for the Norbert Laramie is my goal for VCC every day.”


Michelle will be awarded an all-expense paid trip for two as part of her prize. She and her husband, who had recently become empty nesters, dreamed of taking a Caribbean cruise together for years. This was the perfect opportunity to fulfill their long-held desire. “The trip is a bonus to the actual award, a celebration of the award itself. The award is what you strive for.” Michelle stressed the immense pride in her daily role at VCC, stating, “The thing that stays with me through all of it is that I can clock in every single morning and be completely proud of what I have done for the day. Every single day.” She is grateful to work for a company that deeply values the well-being of Veterans and their families and feels it is a privilege she will never take for granted.

Angie Boglino and Megan Heil, the two runners-up for the award, were also deserving of recognition. Both women have exemplified VCC’s core values and made significant contributions to the company through their dedication and commitment.

The Norbert Laramie Award of Excellence was established in 2017 to recognize and honor exceptional team members at VCC. Three individuals are nominated each quarter for their outstanding work, and the winner is announced at the end of the year. The award serves as a reminder to everyone at VCC of the values that drive their work and the legacy of Norbert Laramie.